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The Aromen Aromatherapy app is The tool for creating natural wellness experiences

Feature 1: Essential oil info

The aromen app contains a full database of all-natural products we can use in natural wellness. Each product has a full description of the origin, properties, fragrance, strength, note, harmonization, and many more. We have added a smart filter that allows you to search for that one specific essential oil you need for your session. Each education you do at Loylymasters unlocks more knowledge.

Search Engine

Easy accessible information

For wellness rituals that work

Feature 2: Product Scanner

Each product of Aromen contains a QR code. Simply scan it in the app and it will direct you immediately to the right product page.

Feature 3: Wellness Recipe List for Saunalovers

With the recipe list, you can create your professional sauna experience based on the goal of your aufguss. Add ingredients, descriptions, and change them later as you upgrade your session.

Want to share it with your fellow aufgussmasters? Just click on the ‘public’ button and your session can be seen by everybody that has the app with Level 1 access. We have also added many aufguss sessions for you to get inspired.

Search for a specific airway session? A winter session or just a good relaxation? Just click on the filter and pick the perfect aufguss for you!

Feature 4: Charts for wellness lovers and  Saunamasters

Our charts will guide you in using essential oils safely and professionally. Each of our wellness courses also comes with a different overview chart to make things easier. Find your unlocked charts and coursebooks in this section.

Feature 5: Wellness Calendar

Searching for a course or a specific Aromen supported wellness event? Find them here and become part of our wide natural wellness community.

Unlocking Features How It Works?

Free Mode:

Every customer can use the app for free. It gives you basic knowledge on how to work with our products.

Pro Customer-Mode:

If you are a professional customers you will be sent a serial key that unlocks extra product information, aufguss inspiration, and the charts to make extraordinary wellness experiences.

Education Mode (Level 1, Level 2, Hammam, Smoke Rituals, etc..):

When a sauna master or a wellness center has completed one of our courses the app unlocks all product knowledge, charts, coursebooks, and inspiring aufguss sessions from that course.