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Free shipment from 50€ to Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany.

Free shipment from 50€ to Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany.

Nano-diffuser L2000


The Nano-diffuser L2000 has a modern, grey design and is suitable for the largest rooms. Due to the one-time setting and its large reservoir, the diffusers can operate automatically. That way, you don’t have to do anything but enjoy a wonderfully aromatic room. The nano-diffuser is placed free-standing and can be adjusted using the display. In addition, the nano-diffuser can be linked to Bluetooth and operated via the app.

The essential oils are dispersed in the air by means of the patented nanotechnology. This technique is innovative because it brings the essential oil into the air in the finest possible particles. The advantages of this are a homogeneous scent distribution over the entire room, optimal therapeutic effect and economical consumption. A 1000 ml bottle of essential oil lasts up to 5 weeks!

Suitable for use in the largest spaces, including office buildings, shopping centres, sports centres, wellness centres, residential care centres and government institutions.


  • Range: 2000m³;
  • Dimensions: 221 x 166 x 638 mm;
  • Works on mains voltage;
  • High-quality nanotechnology diffusion;
  • Freestanding;
  • Connectable to Bluetooth;
  • Automatic setting via the app;
  • A 1000 ml bottle lasts up to 5 weeks;
  • A reservoir of 880 ml.

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The Nano-diffuser L2000 is user-friendly and has a modern design. The one-time timer and the large essential oil tank allows the diffusers to function automatically.

Nanotechnology diffuses the essential oils into the air. This innovative technique allows the smallest particles to disperse in the air. The advantages of this technique are a homogeneous distribution over the entire space, optimal therapeutic efficacy and durability. Nano-diffuser L2000 Nano-diffuser L2000

Suitable spaces: reception, shop, showroom, wellness centers, sports centres, public buildings, hospitals, residential care centres, government institutions


  • For spaces of 1000 – 2000m³;
  • Operates on mains voltage;
  • Standalone;
  • Automatic time setting and strength via App;
  • Link multiple devices of W and L series via Bluetooth;
  • Reservoir: 880ml.

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