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Red Clay


Clay is fine-ground earth, particularly rich in minerals that boost skin metabolism. Due to its atomic composition, it draws out impurities, toxins, and excess sebum from the skin. Not only does the clay purify, it also supplies the skin with the necessary minerals for its proper natural functioning.
Red clay is the most effective of all cosmetic clays to address the needs of dry skin. Not only does it have humidifying properties, red clay also stimulates the blood flow. It owes its specific colour a high concentration of iron oxide.
Red clay is ideal for preparing face and body masks. It can be used for purifying skin care once a week. 
Mix the clay with water, or floral water to add even more benefits to the mask. Apply the mask on clean skin and let it rest for 3-7 minutes. Rinse the skin and apply floral water. Finish by applying hydration according to skin type.

Origin: France
Packaging: 500gr

Category: Product ID: 13269