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Herbal Treatments Course Kit


The Herbal Treatments Course kit contains the following products:

  • Immortelle BIO essential oil 10ml
  • Lavender BIO essential oil 10ml
  • Peppermint BIO essential oil 10ml
  • Camomile, real CO2 essential oil 10ml
  • Rosemary CT cineol BIO  essential oil 10ml
  • Tea tree BIO  essential oil 10ml
  • Wintergreen  essential oil 10ml
  • Apricot oil 30ml
  • Rose BIO floral water 30ml
  • Rosemary BIO floral water 30ml
  • Calendula herb bag
  • Rhassoul clay 50gr
  • Turkish coffee scrub 30gr
  • Brown glass bottle 50ml DIN18
  • Pipette glass for 50ml bottle DIN18
  • Roll on cap DIN 18
  • Brown glass bottle 11ml DIN18
  • Label 70×33 Aromen x2
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